Laone  International
About Us
  1.  Background & Experience

         Based on professional expert background more than 20 years in sales, marketing and sourcing
     experiences in Korean market.
         Thus, know the most of persons who are in the market, who can make a decision, know how to           
     approach to the market according to various different products, and know what the best solution
     is for the one who wants to sell to Korean market.
         Was a managing director for about 20 years in Korea, and major jobs are; sourcing new products      
     all over the world and market survey, educating sales forces about the detailed information of the
     product, how to approach to the customer according to customer's charactor and market-competition,
     direct sales promotion to major customers, total sales and marketing activities.

II.  Major segment of market-field in Korea

        a. Import distributing & retail market
             -  Leading department stores,
             -  Leading grand discount stores,
             -  Medium size retail shops,
             -  Convenient stores      

b. Industry market

             -  Food market
             -  Cosmetic market